Thursday, January 9, 2014

Share in our Harvest!

2014 CSA
Join Today! Because we anticipate 2014 will sell out as quickly as 2013, send in your application and check as soon as possible.
 Click HERE for an Application.
Please call (360) 448-7889 if you have question or email us at

Our farm is a commitment between individuals or families and us, where people buy into our farm as members at the start of the growing season, and in exchange receive a weekly share of the farm's harvest.

WHY JOIN THE Little Gnome Farm CSA?

Enjoy fresh locally grown vegetables. Our careful variety selection and biodynamic growing practices bring out the very best in flavor! 
  • By supporting Little Gnome Farm, you also benefit the local economy. Little Gnome Farm both provides jobs and also recycles money by purchasing supplies from other local businesses.
  • We don’t use synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides on our vegetable fields.
At Little Gnome Farm we believe that there is a better way to farm than the chemical status quo that has dominated the American landscape and food system during the last half century. We believe that by working with the natural rhythms of the soil, plants, people and microorganisms we can grow excellent tasting food without the environmental and health risks that can accompany chemical intensive farming practices. We practice Organic Farming and strive to reach the goals associated with a farm managed as a holistic system. We always seek to meet and exceed not only the letter of the organic farming rules, but also the intent of a Biodynamic farm. As farmers we never use chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides or genetically modified plants. Instead we rely on things like compost, crop rotation and cover crops to keep our land and crops healthy and productive.

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