Free-Range Eggs

Our hens live the good life.

Little Gnome Farm soy free chicken eggs are raised on organic pastures. Our hens are truly cage free and free roaming.  

The first thing you will notice about Little Gnome Farm eggs is the beautiful colored egg shells. The egg shells of our free range eggs have different colors due to the different species of chickens we have. There is absolutely no health benefits from the color of the egg shell.  The health benefits come from the way the hens are raised regardless of the species or color of the egg shell.

The second thing you will notice is the dark yellowish/orange yokes.  You will also notice the yokes are firmer. Chickens will lay beautiful firm dark yoke eggs if you let them graze in fresh new pasture, eating bugs, grass, and taking in lots of fresh air.  Bugs are a huge part of the diet of a chicken.  Chickens need large amounts of protein because they are omnivores just like humans. 

 The healthiest eggs to buy are true free-range, pasture raised, soy free, chicken eggs.