What they say About Us

Hope you service us this spring. I have really enjoyed your vegetables and fresh eggs. Alberta

We have been enjoying all of the veggies, fruit, and especially the fantastic honey!! Laura

Thank you for all the wonderful veg. I have really enjoyed cooking new fresh things this winter. Sharon

We’ll miss it until summertime! Heather

Just want to thank you for doing a delivery this week and making sure we get some great stuff for Thanksgiving Brooke

We really want to thank you for all the lovely veggies! The variety has been pretty nice and very tasty. David

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  1. Farmer Paul and his family are doing the great work of enriching other people's lives with their hard work, dedication, and passion for producing only the best food. The months we don't get our CSA delivery are the saddest. June can't come soon enough! We are so grateful! -Catherine